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Axiom - Registration Agreement Terms

Forum Terms of service

Using the forum. By registering on this forum, you agree to use it properly, and to refrain from posting any content that is aggressive, offensive, defamatory, hateful, or in violation of applicable laws and regulations. You agree not to post messages inciting or evoking illegal practices, or violating the terms of use of the service.

The moderators and administrators of this forum will do their best to delete or edit any reprehensible messages that may be posted on the forum. You acknowledge that all messages posted on this forum express the opinion of their respective authors, and do not necessarily reflect the position of the moderators and administrators.

In order to ensure the moderation of this forum, any message violating the preceding provisions may be edited or deleted without notice by the moderators and administrators of the forum. Any abuse may also be sanctioned by banning or deleting the user account. We reserve the right to inform your access provider and/or the judicial authorities of any malicious behaviour.

Your personal data. By registering on this forum, you agree that it may collect some of your personal data. This data collection is done either through the information you provide us, or through the use of the services itself, for technical data used for the forum proper functioning. You can access, modify or delete your data at any time. Users under 16 years old certify that they have obtained the consent of their legal guardian in order to proceed with this registration. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies only serve to improve the user experience. You can read the purpose of cookies on our forum help center. You can choose in your browser settings not to enable cookies, as this may disrupt the forum proper functioning.

This forum may send you electronic messages (e-mail), such as activity notifications, or newsletters, sent by Forumotion or by an administrator of this forum. You can choose in your profile preferences to receive or not each of these messages.

Click on the button 'I Agree to these terms' below :
- You acknowledge that you have read these rules in their entirety ;
- You agree to comply fully with this rules ;
- You grant moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any topic at any time.

Additional Terms of Agreement

By submitting (posting) information to this forum ( or wikia ( you relinquish all rights of ownership to Axiom. Axiom reserves the right to use, alter, or remove all contributions to the site. In the event of plagiarism, the plagiarist will be held responsible regardless of present member status; Axiom as a host to plagiarized information will not be held accountable in any way for information posted, knowingly or unknowingly, that is property of third-party authors. Suspension or removal from the site is not exception to the policy, and thus Axiom retains the right to preserve all submitted information. Player beware, be aware of your actions and the Terms.

Axiom's discipline system operates on a "three strike" basis. Administrator and Moderator groups reserve the right to enforce disciplinary action at all times while present on either the forum or wikia. All site and wikia policies and procedures are to be understood by all active members of either media and will be assumed by administration that all members are experts in the definitions and contexts of these policies and procedures. Resistance to enforcement of the policies and/or procedures of these sites by either administrators or moderators may result in secondary punishment (two strikes instead of one). Strikes act as a permanent record, as do any disciplinary actions taken and will be kept on file by a staff member (typically the one who enforces the discipline). Administrators, Morse and Dominatron solely, may pardon any disciplinary actions, bans, or strikes through joint agreement. All members of either forum or wiki are to understand that these policies and procedures are in place for the well-being of the player base, not to restrict creativity or expression.

The "three strikes" will typically follow the format below:

Strike 1 – A warning will be given and involved parties will be expected to resolve their discrepancies within the terms below. Additional actions, such as forced leaves of absence (permanent or temporary bans, suspensions) may be enacted by Administrator approval.

Strike 2 – A secondary warning will be given with a guaranteed suspension. Additional actions may also be enacted by Administrator approval.

Strike 3 – The full case of offenses against the terms agreed to upon accepting membership to either site or wiki and the community at large will be brought to review to formally explain the violations reported. Permanent ban (IP ban, etc.) will be enacted within 48 hours of the third offense's report. A PM will be sent as well by either Moderator or Administrator to openly discuss the offenses within the terms agreed to. Third strikes may be pardoned and revert to a second strike status once in an Administrator finds and offender within the good graces of the site.

Strikes accumulate without differentiation between offenses. Offenses of any significance to the author or offended audiences may be qualified as a strike by the judgment of the active Administrator or Moderator as guided by these terms.

Axiom as a writing community, by which you seek to become a part of, seeks to teach and maintain a specific culture to provide an ideal environment for writing characterized by free thought, speech, and inspiration. As a gaming community as well, Axiom seeks to provide a fair, unbiased environment for all players regardless of ranks or networks (internal or external). The characteristics of this community are as follows in regards to forum and/or wikia:
- Recognition of self and interpersonal respect with regard to basic human rights and cultures
- Responsibility for the actions of the individual or group in all matters with respective distribution of credit
- Providing of an environment which nurtures Axiom's themes and creations as the focal point of on-site activity
- Pursuit of universal understand of knowledge in various fields (i.e. literary, scientific, legal) as applied to the setting(s) of Axiom, IC and OOC
- Nurturing the art of writing with English as the primary language of Axiom for all on-site activities
- Nurturing of additional and relevant accomplishments in education and art that promote growth
- Any and all activities within compliance of the terms that help foster community among site members and teamwork among staff members

Any and all deliberate actions that seek to undermine, oppose, or remove the expectations of the Axiom community above may be qualified as "offensive" by the discretion of Administrators and Moderators. This includes, but is not limited to, verbal abuse, harassment, threats, slander, propaganda, hate speech, advertisement, preaching, down talk, inappropriate displays (by any media), exposure, etc. The degrees by which these offenses are made are subject to on-site Moderators and Administrators and may enforce any punishments deemed necessary to preserve the integrity of the site and its members.

Axiom is a community that permits free expression of mature topics within taste. For this reason, Axiom's target audience remains to be all persons 18 years of age or older. Persons found to be under the age of 18 may be uninvited from the site, their accounts suspended until date of eligible age.

Axiom's policies and procedures, to which you would also agree to both on forum and wikia, are subject to change at any time by administrator action. Policies or procedures in place or to be enacted within a "patch" may be challenged by members of any position. To challenge a policy revision or nullification, a member should start a thread within the respective sub-forum following the instructions contained therein. Administrators reserve the right to refuse changes to policy in spite of majority or "overwhelming" votes against their decision if should be seen as a motion that works against the purposes or workings of the site.

Axiom administration seeks to provide an environment designed towards promotion of "good writing". For all enacted policies, a policy re-vote may be enacted requiring a minimum percentage of 51%+ of active, unique users active within the previous three months. Activity is restrained to a minimum of the prior three months; unique user refers to the unique ip address of a given player (a player is permitted one vote even if he/she has multiple active characters). Overwhelming votes (70%+) provide greater likelihood for revision to game terms, policies, or procedures.

FOR BETA VERSION ONLY: These Forum Terms of service serve as temporary until administration specifies otherwise or the launch of the alpha version (data to be announced; the site move date). It is the responsibility of the beta users to provide feedback on any notations with which he or she disagrees with in preparation for the final versions.

By clicking on "I agree to these terms" below:
- You acknowledge to have fully read and will comply with these additional rules;
- You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age within your good-will;
- You commit yourself to respect unreservedly and promote the attributes of Axiom's community;
- You have made  or will make an effort to familiarize yourself and participate with Axiom's Policies and Procedures listed within the forum.